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Title Meeting Document Number Speaker Language
Statement by Mukhisa Kituyi, Secretary General, UNCTAD 2020 Fall DC/S/2020/0044 KITUYI, Mukhisa English
Statement by Steven T. Mnuchin, Secretary of the Treasury, United States 2020 Fall DC/S/2020-0064 MNUCHIN, Steven T. English
Statement by Gustavo Beliz, Secretary of Strategic Affairs, Argentina 2020 Fall DC/S/2020-0063 BELIZ, Gustavo English
Statement by Bandar M.H. Hajjar, President, Islamic Development Bank Group 2020 Fall DC/S/2020-0040 HAIJAR, Bandar M.H. English
Statement by Achim Steiner, Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme, United Nations 2020 Fall DC/S/2020-0056 STEINER, Achim English
Statement by Dag-Inge Ulstein Minister of International Development, Norway 2020 Fall DC/S/2020-0058 ULSTEIN, Dag-Inge English
Statement by Abdulrahman Al-Hamidy, Director General Chairman of the Board, Arab Monetary Fund 2020 Fall DC/S/2020-0038 AL-HAMIDY, Abdulrahman English
Statement by Abdulhamid Alkhalifa, Director-General, OPEC Fund of International Development (OFID) 2020 Fall DC/S/2020-0045 ALKHALIFA, Abdulhamid English
Statement by Qu Dongyu, Director General, Food and Agriculture Organization 2020 Fall DC/S/20200046 DONGYU, Qu English
Statement by Thambo Gina, Minister of Economic Planning & Development, Eswatini 2020 Fall DC/S/2020-0042 GINA, Thambo English
Statement by Jutta Urpilainen European Commissioner for International Partnerships, European Commission 2020 Fall DC/S/2020-0051 URPILAINEN, Jutta English
Statement by Alexey Overchuk, Deputy Prime Minister, Russian Federation 2020 Fall DC/S/2020-0069 OVERCHUK, Alexey English
Statement by Guy Parmelin, Minister and Head of the Federal Department for Economic Affairs, Education and Research, Switzerland 2020 Fall DC/S/2020-0072 PARMELIN, Guy English
Statement by Felix Moloua, Minister of Economy, Planning and International Cooperation, Central African Republic 2020 Fall DC/S/2020-0039(E) MOLOUA, Félix English
Déclaration Écrite de Félix Moloua Ministre de l’Economie, du Plan et de la Cooperation Internationale, de Centrafrique 2020 Fall DC/S/2020-0039(F) MOLOUA, Félix French
Statement by Salman bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Minister of Finance and National Economy, Kingdom of Bahrain 2020 Fall DC/S/2020-0043 AL KHALIFA, Shaikh Salman bin Khalifa English
Statement by Arturo Herrera Gutiérrez, Secretary of Finance and Public Credit, Mexico 2020 Fall DC/S/2020-0059 HERRERA GUTIERREZ, Arturo English
Statement by Nam-Ki Hong Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Finance, Korea 2020 Fall DC/S/2020-0049 HONG, Nam-Ki English
Statement by Mohamed Benchaaboun Minister of Economy and Finance, Kingdom of Morocco 2020 Fall DC/S/2020-0053(E) BENCHAABOUN, Mohamed English
Statement by Arkhom Termpittayapaisith, Minister of Finance, Thailand 2020 Fall DC/S/2020-0052 TERMPITTAYAPAISITH, Arkhom English