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Titulo Reunión No. de informe Speaker Idioma
Statement by Yaobin Shi, Vice Minister of Finance, The People's Republic of China 2014 Otoño DCS2014-0041 YAOBIN, Shi Inglés
Déclaration de James Michael Flaherty - Ministre des Finances - Canada 2012 Primavera DCS2012-0023(F) FLAHERTY, James Michael French
Statement by H. E. Bertel Haarder, Minister for Integration and Development Cooperation, Denmark 2004 Otoño DCS2004-0037 HAARDER, Bertel Inglés
Statement by Javier Silva Ruete, Minister of Economy and Finance, Peru 2002 Otoño DCS2002-0039 RUETE, Javier Silva Inglés
Statement by Agnes van Ardenne-van der Hoeven, Minister for Development Co-operation, The Netherlands 2002 Otoño DCS2002-0060 VAN ARDENNE-VAN DER HOEVEN, Agnes Inglés