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Statement by the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund 2018 Printemps DC2018-0007 Anglais
Update to Governors on Gender Diversity in the Executive Board of the World Bank Group 2018 Printemps DC2018-0006 Anglais
Report to Governors on the World Development Report 2018: Learning to Realize Education's Promise 2017 Automne DC2017-0008 Anglais
Forward Look Implementation Update 2017 Automne DC2017-0011 Anglais
Maximizing Finance for Development: Leveraging the Private Sector for Growth and Sustainable Development 2017 Automne DC2017-0009 Anglais
Progress Report to Governors on Shareholding 2017 Automne DC2017-0010 Anglais
G-24 Communiqué 2017 Automne DC2017-0013 Anglais
Forward Look – A Vision for the World Bank Group in 2030 - Progress and Challenges 2017 Printemps DC2017-0002 Anglais
A Stronger World Bank Group for All 2017 Printemps DC2017-0005 Anglais
Shareholding Review: Progress Report to Governors at the 2017 Spring Meetings 2017 Printemps DC2017-0003 Anglais
G-24 Communiqué 2017 Printemps DC2017-0007 Anglais
Forward Look – A Vision for the World Bank Group in 2030 2016 Automne DC2016-0008 Anglais
Forward Look – A Vision for the World Bank Group in 2030 – Main Messages 2016 Automne DC2016-0009 Anglais
Dynamic Formula – Report to the Governors Annual Meetings 2016 2016 Automne DC2016-0010 Anglais
G-24 Communiqué 2016 Automne DC2016-0012 Anglais
Progress Report on Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Management in World Bank Group Operations 2016 Printemps DC2016-0004 Anglais
Dynamic Formula - Interim Progress Report to Governors 2016 Printemps DC2016-0003 Anglais
Forced Displacement and Development 2016 Printemps DC2016-0002 Anglais
G-24 Communiqué 2016 Printemps DC2016-0006 Anglais
The World Bank Group Support for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development 2015 Automne DC2015-0009 Anglais