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The New International Financial Architecture and the Role of the World Bank 1999 Automne DC/99-28 (E) Anglais
World Bank Support for Developing Countries on Trade Issues 1999 Automne DC/99-19 (E) Anglais
Recent Trends in the Transfer of Resources to the Developing Countries 1999 Automne DC/99-18 (E) Anglais
Building Poverty Reduction Strategies in Developing Countries 1999 Automne DC/99-29 (E) Anglais
Strategic Compact - Semi-Annual Report 1999 Automne DC/99-23 (E) Anglais
Managing the Social Dimensions of Crises: Good Practices in Social Policy 1999 Automne DC/99-20 (E) Anglais
Record of Discussion of the Sixtieth Meeting of the Development Committee 1999 Automne DC/99-33 Anglais
Progress Report on Bank-Fund Financial Sector Liaison Committee (FSLC) 1999 Automne DC/99-21 (E) Anglais
HIPC Initiative - Progress Report 1999 Automne DC/99-30 (E) Anglais
President's Note to the Development Committee 1999 Automne DC/99-22 (E) Anglais
Corporate Governance: A Framework for Implementation (Overview Chapter) 1999 Automne DC/99-26 (E) Anglais
Enhancing IBRD's Financial Capacity: Note to the Development Committee 1999 Automne DC/99-27 (E) Anglais
G-24 Communiqué 1999 Automne DC/99-32 (E) Anglais
Modifications to the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) Initiative 1999 Automne DC/99-25 (E) Anglais
HIPC Initiative - Strengthening the Link between Debt Relief and Poverty Reduction 1999 Automne DC/99-24 (E) Anglais
Record of Discussion (April 1999) 1999 Printemps DC1999-16 Anglais