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Title Meeting Document Number Language
Report of the World Bank Executive Directors on Internal Governance 2007 Fall DC2007-0027 English
Country-Based Scaling Up: Assessment of Progress and Agenda for Action 2007 Fall DC2007-0017 English
Aid for Trade: Harnessing the Global Economy for Economic Development 2007 Fall DC2007-0019 English
The Role of IDA in the Global Aid Architecture: Supporting the Country-Based Development Model 2007 Fall DC2007-0016 English
Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) Initiative and Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative (MDRI) -- Status of Implementation 2007 Fall DC2007-0021 English
G-24 Communiqué 2007 Fall DC2007-0028 English
Clean Energy for Development Investment Framework: The World Bank Group Action Plan 2007 Spring DC2007-0002 English
Report of the Executive Directors Strengthening World Bank Group Engagement on Governance and Anticorruption 2007 Spring DC2007-0005 English
The World Bank Group's Africa Action Plan: Progress in Implementation 2007 Spring DC2007-0010 English
Note from the President of the World Bank 2007 Spring DC2007-0011 English
Options Paper on Voice and Representation - Final Update Report- Final Text with Annexes 2007 Spring DC2007-0009/1 English
Aid Architecture: An Overview of the Main Trends in Official Development Assistance Flows 2007 Spring DC2007-0003 English
Informe Sobre Seguimiento Mundial 2007: Resolución de los Desafíos que Plantean la Igualdad de Género y los Estados Frágiles - Texto definitivo 2007 Spring DC2007-0007/1 Spanish
Rapport de Suivi Mondial 2007: Les Défis de l'Égalité des Sexes et de la Situation des États Fragiles - Document final 2007 Spring DC2007-0007/1 French
Fiscal Policy for Growth and Development Further Analysis and Lessons from Country Case Studies 2007 Spring DC2007-0004 English
Global Monitoring Report 2007: Confronting the Challenges of Gender and Fragile States 2007 Spring DC2007-0007/1 English
Report of the External Review Committee on Bank-Fund Collaboration 2007 Spring DC2007-0006 English
Aceleración de los resultados en pro del desarrollo en África: Avances y modificación del Plan de Acción para África 2007 Spring DC2007-0008 Spanish
Accélérer le développement en Afrique: Bilan et recadrage du Plan d'action pour l'Afrique 2007 Spring DC2007-0008 French
Accelerating Development Outcomes in Africa Progress and Change in the Africa Action Plan 2007 Spring DC2007-0008 English