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Title Meeting Document Number Language
G-24 Communiqué 2011 Fall DC2011-0016 English
Modernizing the World Bank Group: An Update 2011 Spring DC2011-0005 English
Operationalizing the 2011 World Development Report: Conflict, Security, and Development 2011 Spring DC2011-0003 English
Responding to Global Food Price Volatility and Its Impact on Food Security 2011 Spring DC2011-0002 English
Strengthening Governance and Accountability: Shareholder Stewardship and Oversight 2011 Spring DC2011-0006 English
Global Monitoring Report 2011: Improving the Odds of Achieving the MDGs Heterogeneity, Gaps and Challenges: Overview 2011 Spring DC2011-0004 English
G-24 Communiqué 2011 Spring DC2011-0008 English
World Bank Group Reform: An Update 2010 Fall DC2010-0014 English
Strengthening Governance and Accountability: An Update 2010 Fall DC2010-0013 English
Delivering on Results and Improving Lives: The International Development Association 2010 Fall DC2010-0016 English
How Resilient Have Developing Countries been during the Global Crisis? 2010 Fall DC2010-0015 English
G-24 Communiqué 2010 Fall DC2010-0017 English
Synthesis Paper: New World, New World Bank 2010 Spring DC2010-0002/1 English
World Bank Group Voice Reform: Enhancing Voice and Participation of Developing and Transition Countries in 2010 and Beyond 2010 Spring DC2010-0006/1 English
New World, New World Bank Group: (I) Post-Crisis Directions 2010 Spring DC2010-0003 English
New World, New World Bank Group: (II) The Internal Reform Agenda 2010 Spring DC2010-0004 English
Strengthening Governance and Accountability Review, Results and Roadmap 2010 Spring DC2010-0007 English
Review of IBRD and IFC Financial Capacities 2010 Spring DC2010-0005 English
The MDGs After the Crisis -- Global Monitoring Report 2010 -- Overview 2010 Spring DC2010-0008 English
G-24 Communiqué 2010 Spring DC2010-0010 English