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Title Meeting Document Number Language
Recent Trends in the Transfer of Resources to Developing Countries 2000 Spring DC2000-03 English
Education for All - Fast Track Initiative 2004 Spring DC2004-0002/1 English
Iniciativa Vía Rápida de Educación para Todos (EPT) 2004 Spring DC2004-0002/1 Spanish
Financing Modalities Toward the Millennium Development Goals 2004 Spring DC2004-0003 English
Note on Debt Sustainability 2004 Spring DC2004-0004 English
Initiative pour une mise en œuvre accélérée du Programme Education pour tous (EPT) 2004 Spring DC2004-0002/1 French
Global Monitoring Report 2004 2004 Spring DC2004-0006 English
Note sur le niveau d'endettement tolérable 2004 Spring DC2004-0004(F) French
Global Monitoring Report 2004 - Background Paper 2004 Spring DC2004-0006-Add1(E) English
Note from the President of the World Bank 2004 Spring DC2004-0005 English
Modalidades de financiamiento para alcanzar los objetivos de desarrollo del milenio 2004 Spring DC2004-0003 Spanish
Nota sobre la sostenibilidad de la deuda 2004 Spring DC2004-0004 Spanish
Modalités de financement en vue de la réalisation des objectifs de développement pour le Millénaire 2004 Spring DC2004-0003 French
Informe sobre seguimiento mundial 2004 2004 Spring DC2004-0006 Spanish
Nota del Presidente del Banco Mundial 2004 Spring DC2004-0005 Spanish
Rapport de suivi mondial 2004 2004 Spring DC2004-0006 French
Note du Président de la Banque mondiale 2004 Spring DC2004-0005 French
G-24 Communique 2004 Spring DC2004-0008 English
Communiqué du G-24 2004 Spring DC2004-0008 French
Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness: Ownership, Harmonisation, Alignment, Results and Mutual Accountability 2005 Spring DC2005-0002 English