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Title Meeting Document Number Language
Recent Trends in Financial Flows to Developing Countries 2003 Fall DC2003-0010 English
Recent Trends in the Transfer of Resources to Developing Countries 2000 Spring DC2000-03 English
Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSPS) - Progress in Implementation 2003 Fall DC2003-0011 English
Global Monitoring of Policies and Actions for Achieving the MDGs and Related Outcomes 2003 Fall DC2003-0013 English
Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) Initiative: Status of Implementation 2003 Fall DC2003-0014 English
Implementing the World Bank Group Infrastructure Action Plan 2003 Fall DC2003-0015 English
Supporting Sound Policies with Adequate and Appropriate Financing 2003 Fall DC2003-0016 English
Enhancing Voice and Participation of Developing and Transition Countries: Progress Report by the Boards of the World Bank and the IMF 2003 Fall DC2003-0012 English
President's Note to the Development Committee 2003 Fall DC2003-0017 English
Trade and Development After Cancun 2003 Fall DC2003-0018(E)-Trade English
G-24 Communique 2003 Fall DC2003-0019 English
Education for All - Fast Track Initiative 2004 Spring DC2004-0002/1 English
Financing Modalities Toward the Millennium Development Goals 2004 Spring DC2004-0003 English
Note on Debt Sustainability 2004 Spring DC2004-0004 English
Global Monitoring Report 2004 2004 Spring DC2004-0006 English
Global Monitoring Report 2004 - Background Paper 2004 Spring DC2004-0006-Add1(E) English
Note from the President of the World Bank 2004 Spring DC2004-0005 English
G-24 Communique 2004 Spring DC2004-0008 English
Strengthening the Foundations for Growth and Private Sector Development: Investment Climate and Infrastructure Development 2004 Fall DC2004-0011 English
Aid Effectiveness and Financing Modalities 2004 Fall DC2004-0012 English