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Title Meeting Document Number Language
Poverty Reduction and Global Public Goods: Issues for the World Bank in Supporting Global Collective Action 2000 Fall DC/2000-16 English
Supporting Country Development: World Bank Role and Instruments in Low- and Middle-Income Countries 2000 Fall DC/2000-19 English
Note from the President of the World Bank 2000 Fall DC/2000-21 English
Respaldo Para El Desarrollo de los Países: Función del Banco Mundial e Instrumentos Utilizados en los Países de Ingreso Bajo y Mediano 2000 Fall DC/2000-19(S) Spanish
Update on The IBRD's Financial Capacity 2000 Fall DC/2000-15 English
International Financial Architecture: An Update of Bank Activities 2000 Fall DC/2000-20 English
Recent Trends in the Transfer of Resources to Developing Countries 2000 Fall DC/2000-14 English
Tendencias Recientes de la Transferencia de Recursos a los Países en Desarrollo 2000 Fall DC/2000-14 (S) Spanish
Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) Initiative and Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSP) 2000 Fall DC/2000-18 English
Información Actualizada sobre la Capacidad Financiera del BIRF: Nota al Comité para el Desarrollo 2000 Fall DC/2000-15 (S) Spanish
Informes de Situación sobre la Iniciativa para los Países Pobres muy Endeudados (PPME) y los Documentos de Estrategia de Lucha Contra la Pobreza (DELP) 2000 Fall DC/2000-18(S) Spanish
Comprehensive Development Framework: Progress Report 2000 Fall DC/2000-17 English
Nota del Presidente del Banco Mundial 2000 Fall DC/2000-21(S) Spanish
Nota del Director General del Fondo Monetario Internacional 2000 Fall DC/2000-22(S) Spanish
Marco Integral de Desarrollo 2000 Fall DC/2000-17(S) Spanish
Arquitectura Financiera Internacional 2000 Fall DC/2000-20(S) Spanish
G-24 Communiqué 2000 Fall DC/2000-23 English
Comunicado del G-24 2000 Fall DC/2000-23(S) Spanish
Small States: Meeting Challenges in the Global Economy - Report of the Commonwealth Secretariat/World Bank Joint Task Force on Small States (Executive Summary) 2000 Spring DC/2000-04 English
International Financial Architecture - An Update on the World Bank's Group Role 2000 Spring DC/2000-06 English